Minders Connect is a nonprofit organization, licensed to provide services to those with autism and others with developmental disabilities. We work with parents, caregivers, organizations, and individuals who want to help their loved ones become successful and more independent. We are a caring group of individuals working together to make a difference in the lives of the people around us. We teach skills in both the structured and natural environments while making learning fun and interesting.



Therapeutic Integration Program (TI)

Therapeutic Integration Program is to provide a balance of educational support and recreational activities, while providing a safe, nurturing and enriching environment to meet each child’s unique needs based on the child’s individualized treatment plan


Individual Intensive Support Service (IISS)

IISS services are intensive one-on-one interventions provided to the individual with autism. When providing these services, IISS technicians receive ongoing individualized instruction and supervision by our professional staff. Most specifically, during crisis


Respite & Youth Camp

Do you just need a break, and don't know where else to look? You've come to the right place, Minders provides courteous, and professional staffing to either come in home, or to take individuals into the community to teach through the modeling of appropriate behavior. By learning these essential life skills,


Speech and Occupational Therapy

Speech therapy can be used to help children and adolescents with special needs with more than just oral speech and communication. Speech therapy helps children and adolescents improve their expressive and receptive language development, articulation,